Cheryl Hart Guss brainy bean counter

Situation: You find a buck on the curb and you feel pretty good. But how much do you have to find to feel twice as good? Snap answer is 2 bucks. No. Psychology research says it takes about 5 bucks to be twice as happy. Curious human behavior, right?

Unlike most CFO’s, Cheryl’s expertise in finance & investing started with a UW degree in psychology statistics. She was hooked on statistics after seven years of research on human perceptions. So her numbers are firmly grounded.

She secretly devours portfolio theory, behavioral finance with its paradox of loss aversion, and asset allocation …all the sexiest topics. Between assignments Cheryl remodeled old houses, gardened, raised a nephew and managed a portfolio.

Cheryl’s right brain keeps us on the right side of the IRS and counts the beans: plus, minus, equal. “My biggest joy comes from watching them cook up a laugh or make good ideas come alive. They start with nothing at all which is more than twice as amazing.”

Cheryl was the youngest member inducted into the prestigious American Psychosomatic Society for her perception research. Raised bed garden experiment 2012: thornless raspberries.

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